Luma Locks and Security Products

As Sole UK distributors of Luma products we are delighted to supply the Spanish motorcycle security brand within the national network of UK motorcycle dealers and specialist equipment suppliers. The Luma brand has an extensive range of high-quality Motorcycle specific security products which are backed up with a 2-year guarantee. Luma has been making locks for both motorcycles and bicycles for over 43 years and is the largest/ most popular lock brand in Spain and Italy.

The Luma Range

The range covers all aspects of motorcycle security which includes ground anchor kits, disc locks, shackle locks, pad lock and chains, cable locks, combination locks, Armour locks. Plus other security accessories including heavy duty lengths of chain and cables and lasso chains. Luma locks are hardened with carbon or steel using ball-bearings instead of springs to improve security to prevent them being drilled.

Ground Anchor Kits

A choice of smart high security floor or wall anchors, made of hardened steel with a choice of chrome or epoxy painted finishes. With fixed, ringed or folding designs. All supplied with a drill bit for fitting and rawl bolts and hardened steel balls for inserting into bolt heads to prevent unscrewing. Click on the image above for further details.

SBSC, ART and Sold Secure approvals.

Disc Locks

Locking pins or shackles in hardened steel chrome plate. Anti-drill and ball bearing double locking mechanism protection. Solid steel and Mazak casting, plastic covered, powder coat and anodised finishes.  With up to 20,000 possible secure key combinations. Nickel silver key with plastic heads for long product durability. Some models are supplied with a nylon bag to carry the lock and a retractable lock reminder device.

SRA, SBSC, MRSA and Sold Secure Approvals.

Shackle locks

A choice of 3 high level heavy duty D locks with shackle diameters from 16mm to 18mm made from hardened steel coated in protective flexible rubber. locked into a solid metal body covered by protective plastic with a ball bearing locking mechanism. Abloy type disc detainer key with 7 discs making possible up to 20,000 possible key combinations and nickel silver plastic headed keys for long product durability. Sliding covers for key hole for dust, dirt and weather protection.

Cables, Chains & Locks

A full selection of combination locking cables, chains and disc locks. Heavy duty chains made from molybdenum alloy steel, hardened and galvanised against corrosion. Security padlocks are covered by plastic with high shoulders to protect a chrome plated hardened shackle locked to the solid body by steel balls. Alloy discs make 20,000 possible key combinations and include key hole cover and nickel silver plastic headed keys for durability. MSRA, ART and Sold Secure Approvals.