Hevik is the brand that brings the Italian styling with its range of clothing, gloves and accessories for both motorcycles and scooters. Hevik offer a wide range of products for those who have a passion for two wheels and want to enjoy it freely and safely. So, whilst riding a scooter in the city or touring the countryside on your motorcycle Hevik has got you covered.

Thanks to their team of experts, including specialists in the field, stylists and designers, Hevik has created a complete range. So, from waterproof clothing to more developed accessories, from jeans to underwear - with strong technical components (innovative and practical fabrics) combined with a fashionable cut and a great look.

With typical Italian style, the Hevik range is both practical and fashionable, with all the hallmarks of a great quality brand.  

When it comes to Motorcycle Clothing, Hevik garments are certified for safety!

For those travelling by motorcycle, safety is the primary rule.That is why Hevik, aligning itself with the new European regulations, has invested and obtained the CE Certifications of its products, in order to guide consumers to a product that performs the tasks for which it has been designed.

When selecting a jacket or a pair of trousers to be worn for riding a motorcycle, it is essential to read the label first as the materials used and the safety certifications of the product are specified on the labels. As far as certification legislation is concerned, the new European PPE regulation (PR EN 17092), i.e. relating to personal protective equipment, came into force on 21st April 2018.

In particular, the new regulation introduces the concept according to which, in order to obtain certification, the clothing item must provide protection against the risks for which it was designed. In the case of motorcycle clothing, there are two risks: impact and abrasion, which are the parameters on which certification is based. Thus, class C garments are certified to protect against abrasion, those of class B protect against impact, while those of class A, AA and AAA, protect against impact and abrasion, according to different methods specified by the intended use. Finally, it must be specified that the individual devices used to provide elbow, knee, back and shoulder protection must, in any case, be certified so as to provide a guarantee in respect of the protection afforded by such devices.

Having clothing that really protects the rider against impact and abrasion is essential for every rider, because traveling by motorcycle is as beautiful as it is unpredictable and safety is a guarantee that Hevik wants to be sure to provide to all its customers!

Hevik in the UK

Neo Distribution is the sole UK distributor of the high-quality Italian range of Hevik products.

The Hevik range consists of summer and winter gloves, thermals, waterproofs and a whole host of other high-quality rider accessories. Using the latest cutting-edge materials and CE standard in all their protective clothing range.