Action Filters

Off Road Air filters

Putoline “Action Filters” are especially designed for Off -Road use and are of a foam type design that can be washed using specially designed cleaning liquids, re-oiled and then re-used. A clean and correctly oiled air filter will minimise the intake of harmful deposits, increase power output, ensure smooth running and considerably increase the life of all Off -Road motorcycle engines.

Putoline “Action Filters” are produced using the finest materials available and constructed using 2 layers of high quality bonded open-pore foam.

These are supplied in a breathable bag and are available in either a dry form, or a pre-oiled version using the world’s number one air filter oil “Putoline Action Fluid”. This makes them ready to use straight from the bag.

Breathe Easy with Putoline Action Filters

Correct and regular air filter maintenance is essential for the life of any motorcycle. However, for off road motorcycles it really is critical that proper preparation is carried out before every meeting. In the case of particularly muddy, sandy or dusty conditions air filters should be replaced or cleaned and re-oiled before every race.

Putoline Action Filters are available for most modern motocross, Trials and enduro machines.